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About the Artist

My name is Sandra (Lewis) Henry. I am a painter and do commissions fairly often. I strive to make my paintings affordable even though the costs of painting ( canvases, paints, brushes etc) have risen sharply of late.

I am from BC near Kamloops but grew up living all over BC. Often in the wilderness far from towns or cities. Drawing was a favorite pastime as there was often no TV or radio. I moved to Ontario when my kids were babies around 34 yrs ago. Now living in St George, a lovely little village. I used to paint with oils but now use acrylics. I have a BFA from McMaster University and also a diploma in computer science. I work in a Tech department with software development full-time. I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, a horse and take dressage lessons religiously without a hope of ever mastering the sport, lol. 


I love the outdoors so camp as much as possible, preferably up north while taking lots of photos for inspiration.  We have 4 grown kids and 2 grandchildren who are wonderful and so fun.

I find painting challenging and frustrating sometimes but most of the time it is very fullfilling. It is always a (happy) struggle trying to balance between taking risks or staying comfortable and many other creative choices and decisions. I like experimenting and having a sense of freedom but don't have a studio so always have to clean up afterwards and try not to mess up the dining room too much. Flowers are especially joyful and inspiring for me to paint!. Love the shapes and bright colours.

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